Adina Design Tray

Very stylish and beautiful wooden tray with Adina design, Luxury serving

$ 48

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3×40×54 cm
1700 گرم
one week

All products in Noel Shop have been created with high level materials.

This tray is made of high quality wood and is natural compared to trays made of other materials and does not have the disadvantages of that material. In addition, the beauty and special effect of wood makes you entertain yourself and your guests with a very beautiful tray. With beautiful handles, it can be easily carried and with the recess in the inside, the items will not spill out of the tray.

After making and applying paint or gloss on this tray, their surface is impregnated with edible oil so that there is no problem to wash it. Be sure to wash by hand and do not put it in the dishwasher. You no longer have to worry about breaking dishes because they are made of wood. Due to the handmade nature of this tray and the different designs of the wood, the submitted product may be different in terms of color from the image.

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