Floria Design Vertical Stand

Super large capacity and stable shelf

$ 150

1200 Items

25×50×145 cm
15 kg
10 days
در صورتی که جنس چوب فومیزه (pvc) باشد بله

All products in Noel Shop have been created with high level materials.


This very beautiful, durable and spacious shelf are designed in such a way that their balance is not easily lost. You can put all kinds of items such as books, magazines, vases, decorative items and boxes inside it. This product applicable in any place of your home, such as the bedroom or even the living room. The side edges of this product prevent the items from falling and it is offered in two different types with regard to your use.


The usual type of MDF sheets with a diameter of 16 mm is made of first-class material, and the waterproof type is made of fumigated sheets or PVC, which is water resistant and you no longer need to worry about spilling water on the stand or shelf.