Hiva Design Oil Burner

Wooden-porcelain dish for burning oil and various aromas

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12.5×12×12 cm
1850 gr
10 days

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A beautiful, excellent and modern device for burning different oils and producing various fragrances. Today, aromatherapy and aromatic oils are used to treat or alleviate some physical and mental disorders. Among the items that aromatherapy can be used very effectively are: mitigation of pregnancy complications, pain relief, reduction of complications of cancer treatments, wound healing and skin and hair problems, control of epileptic seizures, reduction of respiratory problems, properties Antispasmodic, reduce stress and reduce agitation. You can easily use this device to produce your desired scent and use it for a long time. In addition to aromatherapy properties, the use of natural products made of natural materials creates peace in the home environment. Today, the use of wooden tools is common in developed countries.

Bring peace to your home.

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